Payneless Electric – Company Profile

Who we are – A St Albert based full service electrical contractor specializing in commercial and institutional maintenance and renovation.

Competencies – Some examples of work we can do for you include;

Lighting design and retro-fits.  We can improve light colour, intensity and economy through reduced electricity usage and improved mean time between failures.  We can assess your unique situations and tailor custom solutions that will best use your existing infrastructure combined with proven control and ballasting technologies.

Controls.  We can troubleshoot your existing DCC systems, reduce parking lot demand through time and temperature controls, and add remote monitoring of critical events such as building temperature, boiler warnings and high water levels.  We custom design solutions.

Preventative Maintenance. We can set up regular scheduled inspection and repair of emergency lighting, transformers, distribution panels, transfer switches, lighting contractors, motor controls and other equipment to ensure performance and reduce failures.  We can also work on a ‘time and materials’ basis to help clear up any backlog of work orders.

On-going improvements. Whether you need another receptacle, data port, phone line, projector, portable structure or complete re-fit, we can get it done on time and on budget.

Repairs. By drawing on our extensive experience in the maintenance field, we can find the most cost-effective solution and get the work done quickly.